Alarm System Removal

Do you have an alarm system installed in your vehicle that failed you? Does your alarm system go off on its own almost like if it had a mind of its own? Has the alarm system stopped you from starting your own vehicle?
We can remove your defective alarm system from your vehicle at no charge when you get a Ravelco Anti-Theft System Installed. If you would like to just have your alarm system removed from your vehicle without the installation of a Ravelco it is only $85.
Below are pictures of a typical Viper alarm system that was recently removed from one of our customer’s stolen but recovered Cadillac Escalade.
When we first received the call from this customer he mentioned his Escalade EXT was stolen with a Viper alarm system and the factory Onstar system. The theft happened in the middle of the night, and by the time he woke up in the morning, reported his truck stolen it was too late. The police found his truck stripped of all the aftermarket accessories and rims valued at over ten thousand dollars. The insurance company said his policy only covered factory equipment. Needless to say he was not happy.
We removed his Viper and installed the Ravelco. At the time of completion we showed him how the thieves defeated his alarm system, and showed him many more weak points they could have used. He told us to keep the removed alarm system and use it to educate people on its un-effectiveness.
So now we have a whole page dedicated to just that, to educating consumers on what they are buying when they purchase a so called "anti-theft system"
The first picture you see is of the Control Module of the alarm. Notice all the wires are color coded for easier identification and notice the 2 fuses within inches of the module. Those fuses are generally found on the white (parking light flash) wire and red... (You guessed it, the main power) wire.

The second picture shows the starter kill relay installed with the alarm system. Notice the orange wire that is cut. This is the wire that the alarm system uses to send a signal to the starter kill every time you arm the alarm system. If the starter kill relay does not receive that signal from the alarm it's like it's not even there.

The third picture you see is of the whole system with wires and the siren. There was no hood pop sensor installed with this system leaving the vehicle even more vulnerable.

Here are some other ways a thief can defeat an alarm system.
1. By using a code grabber a thief can hide in the bushes when you disarm your alarm, reading the frequency for the transmitter gaining him immediate access to your vehicle.
2. As soon as the thief enters the vehicle all he has to do is find the control module of the alarm system and he has several options at this point. He can simply unplug the control module, or pull the fuse on the red wire to cut power to it. He can also cut the black wire going to the control module (ground) this has the same effect as cutting power. He can also quickly trace the wires to the main harness and easily disable to starter kill that is installed.
3. Since most alarm systems do not come with a hood pop sensor installed, if a thief can get under the hood of a car (on Chevy and Cadillac trucks they usually cut right through the front grill) they can easily gain access to the siren and cut the wires going to it, or simply disconnect the battery of the vehicle.
Whether your car or truck is customized with thousands of dollars of add-ons or it's completely stock, investing in a system with so many weak points just doesn't make sense. Put your money and confidence in the only undefeated anti-theft system available and let us help you make auto theft a thing of the past!